The Cash C.O.W. (Conservative Option Writing)

Carley Garner - Options writing can be a very lucrative strategy for the disciplined trader.

Options Pricing: The Basic Factors You Should Know

Joseph G. Kinahan - This article outlines those elements which combine to determine an option's price.

Gamma and its Importance to the FX Trader

Kathy Lien - Understanding the impact of gamma on can help one know how the market will likely trade.

The Strangle - A Killer Trade

Stan Freifeld - Like the Straddle, the Strangle is a strategy to be used when we expect the stock to make a large move, but we're not sure in which direction the movement will take place.

Alternative Strategies For Stock Index Futures

Paul Brittain - Stock indices futures are known for their volatility, however trading index options may be a more manageable alternative.

Stock and Option Millionaire Principles

Jason Ng - If you were to ask two traders about their views on the market, you would probably get two different answers. But the principles of how they got there may be the same.

Cross the Bridge - Away from Illusion

Sam Seiden - There are literally hundreds of options strategies and complex combinations. Why are there so many, and how do you make them easier to understand and trade?

How Do You Define Risk?

Randy Frederick - Randy Frederick gives a detailed analysis of different ways in which to determine risk and includes examples of how this may be quantified.

Secrets of the Tape and Options Trades

Josip Causic - Josip Causic discusses how "Reading the Tape" can be a key benefit to Options traders and walks through the process of how this can be used for finding possible trading opportunities

Implied Volatility: - Buying Low and Selling High

Jeff Kohler - Jeff Kohler explains the importance of "Implied Volatility" when trading options and how to make use of it when developing a trading strategy.
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