Trading Systems - A Complex World with Simple Answers

Sam Seiden - One of the many recipients of faster and stronger technology is system trading. In the world of professional money management, I have seen plenty of trading systems, most don't seem to work and of the ones that do, they typically work for a bit and then f

Developing a Trading Strategy Part 2

Tim Wreford - The second part of Tim's popular guide to creating a trading strategy.

The Yield Curve

John Mauldin - A look at the Yield Curve and why it is said to be the most accurate forecast of recession.

Open Interest and Market Bottoms

Larry Williams - Williams discusses using OI with COT data to help identify turning points.

Top Ten Tips for Traders

Malcolm Pryor - In order to be a successful trader and not fall into the trap of so many it is important to take good advice and remember that, sometimes, others do know best! Here are the Top 10 tips for successful trading. Follow them closely (or at least to an ext

15 Minute Break-out Strategy

Phil Newton - In this streaming video, Phil takes us through a trading strategy he uses regularly.

Paper Trading: Waste of Time or Valid Learning Method?

Vadym Graifer - Paper trading can be either valuable or worthless, depending on your approach.

The Most Common Market Trap And How To Avoid It.

Fausto Pugliese - Is trading a game of cat and mouse? Where the cats are the big players and the mice are the smaller traders. And what happens when the mouse gets caught?

How NOT to Blow your Day-Trading Account

Jea Yu - Proper trading means pacing your flow with the market. When the market is running fast out of the gate, so should you. When the market slows to a crawl, so should you.

Why Traders Lose Their Discipline

Brett Steenbarger - Brett Steenbarger explains why it is that a "lack of discipline" is not the only cause of a losing run and that there are several other and equally important factors to consider.
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