Relative to the Trend

Brandon Wendell - Brandon Wendell shows how modifying the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator can be used in trending as well as range bound markets

The Return of The Bear - Part 1

Martin Pring - Are we at the start of the next great bear market? Or is the current downtrend a mere blip in the existing bull market? This is the first of a two part look at the current market trends.

When Equities Struggle, Go Long Gold?

Dr Anthony Trongone - Dr Anthony Trogone analyses the evidence that buying gold is a good option when equities are showing a decline

The Most Common Market Trap And How To Avoid It.

Fausto Pugliese - Is trading a game of cat and mouse? Where the cats are the big players and the mice are the smaller traders. And what happens when the mouse gets caught?

Pushing the Envelope

Bo Yoder - The author looks at trading using support and resistance levels.

The Return of the Bear - Part 2

Martin Pring - The second and concluding part of an in depth look at the current market state and whether we are seeing the start of the next bear market.

Why trade US shares

Richard Joyson - If you're looking for a market that offers convenient trading opportunities to the private intra-day trader, you should consider Nasdaq shares, argues Richard Joyson.

Following the Clever Money

Dominic Connolly - Tracking the moves of big-money investors can dramatically help one's stock market returns.

Introduction to Level 2

Andrew Collins - Most traders have heard of Direct Market Access, or Level 2, but many are unclear on what it actually is.

Interview with an Equities Analyst

Trader333 - An interview with an equities analyst giving a unique insight into the world of investment banking including market structure, hours worked, a typical day, seasonal influences and what is required to get into this industry.
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