Roger Middleton Interview

Roger Middleton - Roger Middleton is an experienced trader who focuses on the equity markets. His insights, however, are applicable to traders of all kinds.

Member Profile: 0007

0007 - T2W member 0007 shares his personal story, explaining in detail how he adopted a trading style to suit his personality.

Candlestick Analysis: Lighting the Markets

Steve Nison - Tom Hougaard talks to the man who brought Japanese Candles to the west, Steve Nison.

Member Profile: Dinos

Dinos - T2W member Dinos discusses his trading journey and offers advice to others along the way

Steve Palmquist Interview

Steve Palmquist - Steve gives us an insight into the methods he uses when trading and what a typical trading day is like for him.

Joe Ross Interview

Joe Ross - Trader, educator, author and inventor of the famous 'Ross Hook', Joe Ross takes some time out of his busy schedule to talk to Trade2Win.

John Bartlett Interview

John Bartlett - John Bartlett, through this interview, provides new traders an excellent direction as they pursue their own development.

Interview with Trading Scout - Michael Patak

Michael Patak - Michael Patak talks through his trading journey from his initial interest as a young man out of college to becoming a futures trader on the Dow Jones floor and his progression into becoming a trading scout.

Interview with an Equities Analyst

Trader333 - An interview with an equities analyst giving a unique insight into the world of investment banking including market structure, hours worked, a typical day, seasonal influences and what is required to get into this industry.

Interview with Stock Trader Alan Rich

Alan Rich - US stock trader Alan Rich (Naz) discusses his approach to both day and swing trading of US stocks, how his career has progressed and why he has a preference for trading US stocks using Direct Market Access (DMA)
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