Bonds in a Rising Interest Rate Environment

Russ Allen - Russ Allen explains the mechanics behind trading bonds and whether traders should consider them when interest rates are expected to rise.

Who is on the Other Side of Your Option Trade?

Russ Allen - Russ Allen explains how the differing participants in the options market can affect the bid and offer prices with examples of how this appears to retail traders

What You Need to Know about Binary Options Outside the USA

Cory Mitchell - Cory Mitchell discusses the types of binary options available including the advantages and disadvantages of using them compared to traditional trading approaches and the differences to those available outside the USA

Don't Forget Your Shorts

Stan Freifeld - I've recently written about the popular strategies of Straddles and Strangles. For the most part, they were discussed from the long side. Obviously, there is another side to this story, and that is the short side, selling the Straddle or Strangle.

Bear Call Gone Bad

Josip Causic - In this article we go over three possible outcomes for a Bear Call spread at the expiry. Those scenarios involve the price of the underlying closing within the spread, above the sold call, and below the sold call.

Covered Calls - Part 1

Mike Parnos - The first part of a two part look at Options and Covered Call Writing.

Covered Calls - Part 2 - The Final Frontier

Mike Parnos - This is the second part of the article on Covered Call Writing.

Debit Spreads Vs Credit Spreads

Josip Causic - In this article we will examine a specific case of a debit and a credit spread in order to point out that there is virtually very little difference between the two.

Playing the odds: Options Trading with the 'House' Advantage

Carley Garner - Carley explains how options strategies can make you the 'House' instead of the gambler.

The Greeks are Coming

Stan Freifeld - We know there are American options and European options, but what about the "Greeks" and how do they fit into options trading?
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