Diversification Within An FX Trading Account


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Carley Garner

15 Feb, 2007

in Forex

We have obviously just touched on the subject of diversity in the FX markets. Just as there are an infinite number of trading theories and strategies, there are unlimited numbers of ways to diversify any given position.  It is also important to note, that in certain market conditions hedging positions may fail resulting in losses on both legs of the spread.  Fortunately, this is relatively uncommon. 

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Jul 26, 2013

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with a perfect inverse correlation, all risk is hedged but so is all return.
In inflationary times especially, thiswould result in a negative return vis a vis the real risk free interest rate. What is the point of this article please?

Jun 29, 2012

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looking for a good non dealing fsa regulated broker with ideally accounts opening with say £2000 or a non dealing us desk. Any comments welcome

Apr 14, 2008

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