Discovering the Historical Narrative that Sabotages Your Trading Mind


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Rande Howell

08 Sep, 2017

in Psychology

Then he started trading where the same rules did not apply as they had in school, athletics, and business.  The same hard work got him funded, but it also rewarded him with a dopamine rush.  That rush generated euphoria or what you might call “feeling good”.  Remember, Jeff not only is feeling good at winning a trade, but also at proving himself.    Suddenly this old historical narrative rooted in hard work, winning, and proving the self by conquering outcome became obsolete and limiting.  It could not conquer uncertainty and probability.  A new construction of the Self was necessary.

Reclaiming the Narrative Power of the Mind
What I invite you to notice is that Jeff (as representative of the vast majority of traders) had no clue about this re-occurring pattern in his trading.  It was not happening because it was his lot in life.  It was happening because the brain/mind had created this behavior as an adaptation that worked, and then it was wired into pattern long before he could think and have an opinion about it.  Now, trading has forced the issue.  He is forced to look at the repeating pattern in his trading life if he wants to survive, much less prosper, as a trader.

In a future article we will explore how a trader can learn to step out of the historical narrative that has a hold of him (or her) and change it.  Until then, start noticing the patterns that keep re-occurring in your trading.  No need to ask “why” right now.  Just notice the patterns.  That is where your historical narrative will be found. You may also be interested in the video associated with this article that can be found here: Rande Howell Video

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Don't know anything about all that above! I'm just a simple trend trader that takes money out of the market and have found the psychological stuff quite useful. I've always found it beneficial to listen to what other people have to say, because occasionally there are some nuggets. :)

Sep 08, 2017

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Good Article

Not necessarily new ideas but well explained and I suspect highly relevant (can see myself there in the past). Looking forward to the next instalment.

Sep 08, 2017

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