What Are My Options?


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Russ Allen

09 Dec, 2016

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Besides the options listed above that expire in December, there are other expiration dates available as shown below:


The expiration dates above range from November 11, 2016, which was just 2 days away when this article was written; to January 18, 2019, more than two years away. For every one of those expiration dates there is a list of available option strike prices that is similar to the one in the first diagram above, altogether there are over 1200 options for Apple stock.

By choosing the right options for your market outlook and current market conditions, you can construct option positions to protect stock that you have; or to make money from movement in a stock that you don’t have (up or down – as long as you are right about that direction) , or even to make money from a lack of movement.  Once you understand the world of options, all these possibilities are open.

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