The Gann Studies


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Justin Kuepper

18 Mar, 2016

in Technical Analysis

Using Gann Angles
Gann angles are most commonly used as support and resistance lines. But many studies have support and resistance lines. What makes this one so important? Well, Gann angles let you add a new dimension to these important levels - they can be diagonal.


Fig 2

Here you can see how Gann angles can be used to form support and resistance levels. Diagonal trendlines are commonly used to determine times to add to existing long positions, to determine new lows and highs (by finding significant breaks of the trend line), and to help discern the overall trend.

In Summary
Is it possible to predict the future? W.D. Gann probably thought so, and seemingly proved it with his wildly successful returns. The system is relatively simple to use, but difficult to master. After all, it was Gann's uncanny ability to fine-tune his techniques that led him to enormous profits - the average investor is not likely to obtain these kinds of returns. Like many technical tools, Gann angles are best used in conjunction with other tools to predict price movements and profit.

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Re: The Gann Studies

Hi Mr. Justin Kuepper,

Thank you for writing this article. But I am worndering what scale do you use? Specially for Fx market?

Without proper Scaling Gann angles are useless..


Apr 18, 2016

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