A Mastermind Group Can Catapult Your Progress


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Dr. M. Woodruff Johnson

06 Jul, 2012

in Psychology

Master mind is important business and as new members come into the fold they need to be helped to understand their responsibilities, and the practices of the learning community.  In this way both continuity and sustainability can be addressed.  If one person (perhaps a leader) moves on the others retain the history, vision, and values of the community.  When a new leader emerges the community doesn’t have to start over.

Collaboration:  Developing reliable interdependence is the essence of effective collaboration.  “All for one and one for all” may sound storybook but this is the kind of attitude that will foster collaboration that is meaningful, purposeful, relevant and substantive.  Effective collaboration means that there is a sense of interpersonal reliability…you can count on me and I can count on you.  It is achieved through common goals, genuine relationship, a shared vision and a belief in the common cause that formed the initial impetus for the community’s coming together.

Across the planet some of the most stunning achievements in all manner of endeavors have had at their core a mastermind group, a learning community.  Team efforts work across the board, not just in sports.  Trading is a 100% mental game and if you have a caring, strong, effective and committed support community behind you and you behind them, then you become more caring, strong, effective and committed.  It’s about doing what it takes to develop your A-Game and then bringing that A-Game to your platform and keeping it there during all of your trading session. 

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