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12 Apr, 2012

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Search facility

Just under the main red header panel towards the right hand side you’ll see the ‘Search Articles...’ box. In Fig 5 below, the term ‘credit spreads’ has been entered and the search button clicked. The total number of results is displayed in the ‘Refine your results’ panel to the left - 12 in this case. The default setting is to display articles most relevant to the search criteria. So, here you’ll see that credit spreads is included in the title of the first article – as good an indication as any that it’s going to be about the chosen subject! Conversely, the 12th article listed by John Maudlin entitled: ‘The Yield Curve’ (not shown in Fig 5), may only contain a passing reference to credit spreads. 


Fig 5 – Search Facility

The ‘Refine your results’ panel displays the number of articles in each of the main topics that relate to your search criteria. You’ll notice that articles appear in 5 of the 6 main topics and, if you tally up the numbers listed it comes to 17, i.e. 5 more than the results total. This is because most articles are listed under more than one topic (or category). If you look at the 1st article entitled: ‘Debit Spreads Vs Credit Spreads’ by Josip Causic, you’ll see that it appears in the Futures and Options categories. Now, a little test: without referring back to Fig 1, can you remember which topic these two categories are listed under?

The 2nd panel on the left entitled ‘Sort the results’ enables you to change the default setting from Relevance to Date, Rating or Comments. The 3rd panel enables you to filter by type. In reality, most articles are in the Articles section although, as it happens, this one is a relatively rare example of one listed under Guides.

Articles sub-forum

Here’s an alternative way of searching for articles that you may not have considered. Click on ‘Forum’ next to ‘Home’ in the main red header panel. Scroll down to the forum category entitled ‘T2W Community’. The 4th forum of the 5 that are listed is called ‘T2W Site Content’ which contains 5 sub-forums, the first of which is ‘Articles’. This opens up a list of all the discussion threads for each article published, as shown in Fig 6, below.


Fig 6 – Articles Discussion Threads

From here, you can conduct searches in the same way as you would any other forum on the site. (For more info’ on this, check out HOW TO USE THE SEARCH FACILITY in the Essentials Of 'General Trading Chat' Sticky.) If you click on THREAD, all the articles will be listed in alphabetical order; something you can’t do in the Articles section itself. Unfortunately, THREAD STARTER isn’t useful in this instance as all the threads are generated automatically by the T2W Bot! But it’s a great tool on all the other forums for finding threads started by specific members. Sorting threads by RATING would, potentially, be useful if more members rated threads. If you hover your cursor over the stars you can see the number of votes cast which is as important – if not more so - than the star rating itself. As a rough rule of thumb, any rating with more than half a dozen votes is high. LAST POST is the default forum setting and that’s how the threads are sorted in the image above, indicated by the small green down arrow. The last two categories of REPLIES and VIEWS are especially useful as they indicate the threads that have generated the most interest amongst members. Keep in mind that while the number shown under REPLIES is the same as that shown in ‘Comments’ in the main Articles section - VIEWS relates to the number of views of the discussion thread - not the number of views of the actual article! On the basis that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’, posts in the discussion thread can add real meat to an article. That said, using members comments in discussion threads as a tool to filter articles either to read or to ignore is not recommended. It’s best to read them yourself and make up your own mind!

And finally - a plea . . .

Please post on the discussion thread accompanying this guide to let us know how you use the Articles section, what you like or don’t like about it and how it could be improved. Additionally, if you would like to contribute an article, please get in touch with Tim timsk or Paul Trader333 to discuss your idea(s). We particularly welcome member generated content and will work with you to ensure your contribution is the best it can be. Alternatively, whilst surfing the net, perhaps you’ve come across a great article that might be of inertest to T2W members? If so, post a link here or forward it to Tim or Paul so that they can check it out. Who knows, perhaps the next article published will be something you’ve written or by an author you’ve recommended!

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